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Jessi Nails

Jessi Nails is a cozy nail care and body aesthetics salon overlooking Yonge street in downtown Toronto.

Upon entering, you can sense the relaxing mood created by the two woman who run the salon. Jessica and Wendy are friendly and confident professionals in nail care and other numerous aspects of body treatment.

They set up Jessi Nails in June of 2001, soon after arriving here in Canada. Since 1997, they have been providing professional services in nail care and body aesthetics at low prices.

They specialize in a variety of different cosmetic services that can bring even the most stressful of us to a serene calm. Manicures and pedicures go for as low as $15. They also specialize in various nail coatings, from silk wrap, to solar, to gel powder. Jessica and Wendy also perform exotic custom nail designs. There is a wide variety of these gorgeous designs to choose from, and all of them are intricately hand painted.

Jessi Nails also provides massages for the hands, arms, feet and legs, as well as body massages. For those of us that want to relax and strip away the stress in our lives, while improving the quality of our skin, there is nothing better than one of Jessica's facial. The soothing experience of getting a facial from her is like nothing else. If you are looking to pamper your body, then you need to try a deep cleansing back, shoulder, or neck facial. Jessica and Wendy have mastered the technique needed to perform painless Brazilian waxes, which go for the incredible rate of $25. For men who wish to relieve the stress in their lives, Jessi Nails, provides relaxing massages and pedicures that any hardworking man on his feet would appreciate.

They also perform chest and back waxes to remove unwanted hair, and they have experience fixing in-grown toe nails in men and women. Jessi Nails creates an incredibly relaxing mood for men and women who appreciate a good pampering, or who just need to get away from the hassles of everyday life.

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Jessi Nails
365 Yonge Street, 2nd floor.

Nail Care

Full Set: Gel/Fiberglass Acrylic
Polish change
Massage: Hand and Arm

Foot Care

Mini pedicure
Polish change
Massage: Foot and Leg


1 Hour or 30 minutes


Full Leg with Bikini
Upper Leg with Bikini
Upper/Lower Leg
Brazillian Wax
Back or Chest
Under Arm
Full/Half Arm
Lip or Chin

Skin Care

Mini Facial

Body Treatment

Deep Cleansing Back Facial
Back/Neck and Shoulder

Eye Care

Eyelash Tint
Eyebrow Tint
Lash and Brow Tint


1 Hour, 30 Minutes, or 15 Minutes