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Toronto Home & Business Security

Welcome to Toronto Home and Business Security

Toronto based ABJ Services is looking out for you with their closed circuit television surveillance systems.

The Toronto Company offers affordable CCTV surveillance systems for business, home and automotive.

Monitoring the activities of your business or home is now more affordable with the latest closed circuit camera products offered by Toronto based ABJ Services.

Protecting homes and business with video surveillance is ABJ Services specialty. The company maintains the competitive edge on quality with the latest security technologies.

Thanks to increasing cases of crime, the demand for Video surveillance is on the rise.

The CCTV industry has seen enormous fast paced developments in the past few years. Digitalization, IT networks, and web-enabled products are now revolutionizing control and remote management.

The use of CCTV is no longer restricted to commercial applications. CCTV installations in residential homes are becoming more popular.

Network video surveillance technology has come into being as a result of three trends (a) the convergence of security and computer technology, (b) the growth of digital video recorders and digital surveillance cameras, and (c) video distribution over the internet.

CCTVs can be configured with either television receivers, video monitors, or computer monitors.

Monitor the activities and security of your business from the comfort of your computer at home. Ever wonder how the babysitter is with your children while you're at work? Agnes of ABJ Services can set you up with hidden spy cameras. The video images can be sent over the Internet and you can view them from your computer monitor at work.

Have a cottage? Security an issue? View live video images of it from your city home. Keep an eye on your city home from your cottage. Deter automotive theft and break-ins by having a hidden camera directed at your car.

Record all of the above with a time-lapsed video recorder. Even better, digital records through your computer.

ABJ Services of Toronto can assist you with any CCTV video surveillance application to help protect your home and or business.

To learn more about affordable camera surveillance systems for your particular application contact Agnes at ABJ Services at 416-977-0183 or 416-460-6732.

ABJ Services of Toronto offers:

  • Toronto Security for home and business
  • Toronto CCTV services
  • Toronto Closed Circuit Television systems for home and business
  • Toronto Video surveillance systems for business and home
  • Digital Surveillance systems
  • Spy Equipment
  • Video surveillance for automotive
  • Prices are the lowest in the market with products of superior quality.

    Components from Sony, Sharp, LG and other high quality manufacturers are sold and installed by ABJ Services, all with a 1 year warranty.

    Some of the product offerings include:

    Wireless cameras | Mini CCD cameras | Infrared (night vision) cameras | Bullet Cameras | IP Cameras | Dome and Vandal Proof cameras | Hidden Cameras | Snake Cameras | Video Door Phones | Rear View Car Cameras | Nanny Cams

    The company also offers a wide selection of:

    DVR Cards | Stand Alone DVR | PC Based DVR | Quads-Multiplexers- Switchers | Transmitters | Receivers | Housing Stands and Lenses

    ABJ Services also offers some spy shop equipment that includes:

    Digital Voice Recorders | Spy Cameras | Transmitters | Receivers | PinHole and Hidden Cameras

    To learn more about affordable camera surveillance systems for your particular application contact Agnes at ABJ Services at 416-546-5197.