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CTF Releases Council Waste and Perks Report Card:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Two-thirds of Toronto Council Get Failing Grade

Council Chooses Free Golf Over Spending Control

Toronto :

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) today released a waste and perks report card for Toronto city councilors revealing that two-thirds of council get a failing grade including the mayor and the budget chief. CTF Ontario Director Kevin Gaudet asked, "when council refuses to give up a single perk or to meaningfully reduce waste in Toronto, how can they justify imposing new taxes on already over-burdened taxpayers? Leadership by example would be the first place to start; not tax hikes."

To see how the mayor and 33 councilors failed to lead by example, voting against reductions in perks and wasteful spending, click here.

Last Spring, in the face of a looming budget shortfall, council had the opportunity to vote on a variety of motions to reduce perks and wasteful spending at city hall. Every vote failed. Instead, council voted to keep their free golf passes, free zoo passes, free parking, and free lunches.

On Monday October 22nd, council will vote on the new vehicle registration tax and the new land transfer tax. Combined, these new taxes will soak taxpayers for anothter $360 million.

Gaudet concluded, "council golfs while taxpayers burn. The city has a spending problem not a revenue problem. On Monday taxes should not go up."